Hanging curtains is a great way to define the style you want to project in a room. They can also offer privacy. Find out how to hang them like a pro. Don’t worry you got this.


Start by taking measurements of your window, so you can choose curtains. A good rule of thumb is to get curtain panels that are twice the width of your window or even slightly larger, so you get luxurious folds when they’re hanging and full coverage when they’re closed.





The curtain length you choose depends on how high you’ll be hanging your curtain rod, and how close to the floor you prefer your curtains to be. A good rule of thumb is four to six inches above the window frame,  but to make a room feel taller hang them closer to the ceiling, up to 12 inches above the window frame.


For a clean casual look, choose a length that falls half an inch above the floor. For a more luxurious puddle effect, choose curtains that are six to eight inches longer than the rod to floor measurement. Don’t forget, the header of the curtains will factor into height measurements.


Rod pockets will hang shorter than grommets, or tab tops. Rod should be six to twelve inches wider than your window, so your curtains don’t cover any of your views when they’re open. Single rods allow you to hang just a curtain or sheer panels.


Double rods allow you to hang both a curtain and sheer panels. Using cardboard, create a simple right angle template, to mark your bracket spot to ensure that your rods won’t be crooked.


Remember that your brackets should be four to six inches above the window frame, and three to six inches outside the frame on each side. Save time and use this template throughout your home, so all your curtains will be hung at the same height. Using a pencil and your right angle template, mark your bracket spot on each side. Following your rod instructions, attach the brackets to the wall.

If your rod is longer than four feet, add a third bracket in the center, to avoid having your rod bow in the middle. Put the rod up and place a level on the top of it, to check that everything is even and balanced. Hang your curtains on the rod. Center the rod and then tighten the set screws on the brackets to hold it in place.


Adding a gorgeous finishing touch to your room by hanging curtains shouldn’t be complicated don’t worry you got this.

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